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Download Links:

Setup: SAP GUI V 7.4 For Windows 
                SAP GUI V 7.5 For Windows

HTML Link for Accessing ECC

Installation Procedure: SAP GUI Installation for windows

Setup: SAP GUI For Macbook

Installation Procedure: SAP GUI Installation for Macbook


Advaita User Manuals:

1. Advaita Employee Portal:

    Access to Advaita Employee Portal

Outstation Application

ESS-MSS Leave & LTC User Manual

For approvers - Delegating Leave Approval Tasks to Someone During Absence

2. Vehicle Requisition & Approval:

ECC Vehicle Request & approval

Portal Vehicle Request & approval

3. Material Management:

User Manual for Stationary Items Procurement & Inventory Management

User Manual for Liveries Items

User Manual for Service Entry Sheet

User Manual for Goods Receipt

User Manual for Invoice Parking w.r.t. PO

SRIC (Project related procurement):

PR SRIC User Manual

User Manual for Consumable PR

User Manual for Plan Grant PR

4. Establishment services (HCM module):

User Manual for HCM Organizational Management

User Manual for HCM Personal Administration

5Work Hire Services

DOSW Work Hire Process User Manual

 General section:

Attendance Verification Process of Work Hire General Section User Manual

Invoice Parking Process

PR General Section User Manual

WO General Section User Manual

6. Estate & Works (Plant Maintenance):

Plant Maintenance - Complaint Notification

AMC Related Orders

Construction Bills Maintenance Orders



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