Faculty/Scientific Staff - Institute Computer Centre,Indian Institue of Technology Roorkee
Faculty/Scientific Staff


Prof. Sanjeev Kumar
Head, ICC
  +91-1332-285701 (O)
  +91-1332-285512 (R)

Dr. N. K. Gupta
System Programmer
 +91-1332-285163 (O)
 +91-1332-285164 (R)


Nodal officer for:

  • Scientific/Engineering Software
  • High-End Graphics Workstations (Simulation/Modelling/Visualization)
  • HPC cluster with CPU Cores
  • Cloud computing - Microsoft Azure 

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Establishing compute environment for research and education; change management; capacity planning and resource optimization
  • System management of assigned nodal services – deployment, upgradation, renewal, implementation, licensing, maintaining QoS, achieving high availability, monitoring, performance metrics, remote accessibility; dissemination by conducting and coordinating trainings/workshops for the various compute resources
  • Instructing OOP and DBMS courses
  • OC - Research Scholars Lab (RS Lab); Scientific/Engineering Computing Lab (SEC Lab)
  • System architecting of digital space by evaluating trends, suggesting and embracing technology for higher education

Mr. Mukesh Kumar
System Programmer
M.Sc.(Electronics),  PGDCA
 +91-1332-285804 (O)
 +91-1332-285805 (R)

Nodal officer for: 
  • Eduroam
  • Data Centre (Jointly)
  • Advaita- The Institute ERP
  • Saharanpur Campus Network
  • IIT Council Website, IIT Roorkee

Roles & Responsibilities

  • OC-Eduroam : Administration
  • OC -DATA Centre IITR-ICC (Jointly)
  • OC- Advaita: The Institute ERP Project
  • OC-SRE Campus Network(Internet, Intranet)
  • Live Streaming: Convocation IITR (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, CDN Portal)
  • Core team member Design & Implementation Ultra High Speed Secured(UHSS) Wired and Wireless Internet Connection of IITR Roorkee Campus
  • Core team member Network Planning / Operation IITR
  • Core team member Network Security LAN/WAN
  • Expertise in Planning, Designing & Implementation: Enterprise WAN, LAN, Active, Passive, Routing, Switching, Gateway security, Network Management

Mr. Rajesh Sachdeva
Post Graduation Computer Science
 +91-1332-285703 (O)
 +91-1332-285292 (R)

Nodal officer for: 
  • OC Building ICC

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Supervising Centralized AC and related work
  • Assisting in building related work of Installation of Supercomputer
  • Coordinating with other OCs for building related work
  • OC Project Lab
  • Till recently I was OC of NKN & VC
Mr. Sanjeev Shukla
Senior Scientific Officer
M.Tech (CSE, IITR)
  +91-1332-285708 (O)
  +91-1332-285048 (R)
Nodal officer for: 
  • Network Services (for Buildings other than Hostels, Departments, Residences)
  • Online Placement 

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Network Services (for Buildings other than Hostels, Departments, Residences)
  • Online Placement Services
  • OC Internet Lab
  • OC Admin and OC work-hire Services
Mr. Kausik Chattopadhyay
Technical Officer III

B.Tech (CSE),
MBA (Finance)
  +91-1332-286579 (O)
Nodal officer for: 
  • Internet Security (CISO)
  • Email Services
  • IITR Website, Channeli
  • Nvidia DGX1
  • AWS 
  • Data Centre (Jointly)

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Prototyping new products and share it with teams for end user deployment
  • Leading new projects: Networking and various Web Services
  • Managing the above mentioned nodal services

Mr. Sandeep Sharma
Technical Officer I
  +91-1332-286578 (O)


Nodal officer for: 
  • Collaboration Services
  • Networking(Residences)
  • NKN and Video/Skype Conferencing
  • ICC Store

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Collaboration Services-IP Phones, Webex, Webmeeting
  • Networking(Residences)-Passive & Active both LAN & Wireless
  • Network User Registration Services
  • NKN and Video/Skype Conferencing
  • ICC Stores
Dr. Usha Banerjee
Project Consultant
Ph. D. (CSE)
  +91-1332-285765 (O)
  +91-1332-285126 (R)

Nodal officer for: 
  • Institute ERP Project

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Managing the ERP project of the Institute as project lead.
  • Ensuring configuration, testing and implementation of all modules; liaison with the vendor, key stakeholders of the Institute and decision makers of the Institute.
  • Establish detailed project plans and metrics, work plans, schedules, resource plans and status reports.
  • Resolving all issues that arise in the project across all modules and departments/sections of the Institute-functional and technical.
Mr. Keshav Sinha
Project Fellow
  +91-1332-286830 (O)

Nodal officer for: 
  • OC Networking (Hostels)

Roles & Responsibilities

  • OC Networking (14Hostels)
  • OC Stationery (ICC)
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