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About ChESS

“ChESS”, The Chemical Engineering Student's Society, is a student's organization of the Department of Chemical Engineering , I.I.T. Roorkee. It was the year 1999 when this Organization came into existence and since then it has been playing a significant and enthralling role in the Department. It acts as an interface between the students and the experienced faculty, thereby, removing the gap between them.

ChESS deals with the problems of the students, analyzes them and place them before the faculty for their advice. There is a representative of every year from B.Tech and M.Tech to handle the corresponding problems and the queries of the students. Meetings are then held to discuss the various problems faced and the ways to eradicate them.

The annual selection to all the posts above mentioned are done on the basis of the general academics of the respective candidates and the support of the majority of students.

Activities of ChESS

ChESS performs a large number of activities during the whole year. An introduction function for the newly enrolled B.Tech and M.Tech 1st year students is one of the most popular event organized by ChESS every year. This function is very auspicious as it serves as a platform to introduce the new students to their seniors and the faculty members .In this way they also learn a lot of new information about their Department. This function is fully managed by the executives of the ChESS

ChESS is engaged in organizing a farewell function for the fourth year students every year. The main motive of this function is to bid farewell to the fourth year students and to greet them good luck for their future.

ChESS maintains a huge library in the department. This organisation consults the faculties and class representative for the requirement of new books and responsible for its procurement in the library. It also organises compaign in which the final year students donate their books in the library for the benefit of upcoming students.

ChESS arranges lecture of distinguished personalities in department of Chemical Engineering. These lectures are meant for increasing the knowledge of students.

ChESS celebrates “OPEN DAY”. On this day students play games such as billiards, table-tennis, chess, carrom. Inter year competitions of outdoor games like cricket, football, basketball, volleyball are also organised. In short it’s a fun day for students.

ChESS arranges debate and quizzes for students. Massive participation is recorded in these events.

Special Activities of ChESS

Some special programmes are carried by the ChESS for the benefit of the students. These include: ChESS conducts some courses like the few ones on computational fluid dynamics, workshops for several chemical engineering softwares like ChemCad etc and career seminars for the students every year. These courses help the students to learn a lot at the minimum cost.

ChESS also organize the mock interviews session by fourth year student of the department who are already placed  for the second and third year students to prepare them for their internship and placements. This event let them to enhance their skills required for an interview.

Future prospects

ChESS plans to do the following things in future:-

  • Development of a Data Base for Alumni residing/studying in Foreign Countries. This Data Base will help the students to get specific information regarding financial help, selection of supervisor, etc. which are of utmost importance.
  • Collection of materials for the preparation of GRE, TOEFL, GATE and other higher studies examinations.
  • Screening of documentary movies related to technology and chemical Engineering.
  • Creation of a document for the first year students incorporating various Points related to the field of chemical engineering.

ChESS Team

For further enquiry, you may contact the following members of ChESS team:-

Prof. Gaurav Sharma Faculty Advisor
Prof. N. Shiva Mohan Reddy Faculty Advisor
Mr. Prashant Raj B.Tech 4th year President
Mr. Vikash Gupta B.Tech 4th year Vice President
Mr. Pratham Gupta B.Tech 3rd year Secretary
Mr. Abhishek Kumar B.Tech 3rd year Treasurer
Mr. Aniket Babasaheb Kumbhar B.Tech 2nd year Joint Secretary
Mr. Bhanu Vishwakarma B.Tech 3rd year Convenor Alumni Cell
Mr. Akshit Gupta B.Tech 3rd year Program Manager
Mr. Vinay Reddy B.Tech 2nd year Program Coordinator
Mr. Gaurav Indoria B.Tech 2nd year Coordinator Alumni Cell
Mr. Ravi Raj B.Tech 2nd year Web Developer
Mr. Abdulahad Khan B.Tech 2nd year Web Developer

Class Representatives of each batch from B.Tech, M.Tech and Ph.D are also the part of the team. The annual selection to all the posts above mentioned are done on the basis of the general academics of the respective candidates and the support of the majority of students.

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