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Vittarth is the finance club of DoMS, IIT Roorkee, and aims to promote financial awareness among students and provides a platform for likeminded finance enthusiasts. The club also makes continuous efforts to act as a bridge between students and the latest financial and economical developments across the globe by providing a platform by organizing various activities, workshops, and events. So that an individual can learn through cumulative thinking and rationalize his concepts and apply them in the real world.





MarkIIT club is active at consolidating large scale events, but also lays impetus on peer-to-peer knowledge sessions that include discussions on prevalent trends, practices, case studies and quizzes under the gamut of marketing that eventually help everyone turn out to be better marketers and managers.





Operazione - The Operations Club of DoMS, IIT Roorkee is a students' association, which seeks to equip the students with resources to make informed decisions on operations careers, exposure necessary to build successful careers in operations and opportunities to promote extra-curricular excellence in operations. The club will anchor these efforts by creating forums for aspirants to learn and imbibe skills and best practices from industry experts and harnessing initiatives that enable students to assimilate the learning's into practical application.





 VyavaHR is the official club HR of the Department of Management Studies, IIT Roorkee.

It was established to promote the team-building spirit and leadership qualities through active participation. The club aims to incubate future leaders by engaging diverse, innovative methodologies including experiential learning, simulations, and real-life projects. It enables us to create an interest in Human Resource Management and develop interpersonal skills needed in the corporate world. The HR Club focuses on how to have better human resources and to maintain good human relations in an organization. To meet the objective, the club organizes various events throughout the academic year. These include team building activities, quizzes, and case study competitions.



Business Management Analytics


Business Management Analytics club provides a platform for the students and researchers interested in data science. It helps them understand how to solve the problems from various different domains and gain meaningful insights from it. This club intends to increase exposure to data-oriented careers through special projects, speaker series, competitions as well as other networking events.



Management Consulting Club


The Management Consulting Club is a student association whose mission is to help its peers with the resources and knowledge about the consulting industry and various consulting methodologies. This club also assists the students in developing the problem-solving skills required in the Consulting Industry.


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