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Feedback from Recruiters & Alumni

Feedback from Recruiters

We are very impressed with the batch and wanted to take more but tough luck that most of them were already placed by then - KPMG

Excellent hospitality and wonderful batch profile Deloitte

Maximum number of students recruited amongst all the IITs. Overall Co-ordination is superb, will definitely like to visit next time for recruitment and want to maintain healthy relationship with DoMS, IIT Roorkee forever - BHEL

We would like to come here again and again! - TCS

Excellent Quality of students - Bajaj Auto

We are impressed with the quality and response of the students - Infosys


Feedback fom Alumni

Roorkee University brings back many fond memories that I cherish. For this reason, as much as for the intrinsic value of the honour it bestows upon me, I am truly overwhelmed. Roorkee University has been a center of effective governance and quality education. All members of the faculty play an important role in administering the diverse academic and non-academic activities of the Institute. The empowerment of the faculty has been the propelling force behind the high quality of learning experience at Roorkee University which has enabled it to produce managers who can operate efficiently across the globe, who can excel in a multicultural environment, and who can negotiate confidently across cultures.”

Samir V Gupta

DGM, IBM Daksh Business Processes Pvt. Ltd

Batch of 2000


DoMS is a place which I can say best for nurturing excellence in yound budding managers. It is an institution where you not only solve case studies in simulated live environment but also interact with top corporates to learn from their experiences. IITR is a school where you meet best of the brains from diversified fields like engineering, humanities etc. I can cherish those golden days when I learnt a lot, which I am utilizing nowdays.”

Amit Aggarwal

Quality Manager, Nokia Siemens Networks Pvt Ltd

Batch of 2000


DoMS IIT-Roorkee offered me the wonderful opportunity of learning while implementing. Each and every moment one had lots to learn, be it from the faculty or the peers. Those were the most memorable and golden two years of my life. The principles and values helped me to attain my lifelong dream . I am highly indebted to the institute and all the faculties.”

Nirdesh Kumar Singh

Asst. Prof, College Of Agribusiness Management

Batch of 2000


"Just a few years ago, DoMS was a fairly unknown baby amongst its other counterparts in the management arena. In just about a decade of its existence, DoMS has a new face that is fresh but still recognized and appreciated in the industry. Hats off to all the business ethics we acquired from the faculty and the values we gained from a system with a strong foundation. Proud to be part of this family.”

Anupriya Munjal


Batch of 2004


"Two years in the department have been a crucial influence for my professional life. The ‘Thomsonian’ culture of the institute has become a part of my life. Being a residential course, the experience was not just restricted to books and classrooms. In fact the institute's 'way of living' taught me the nuances of day-to-day life and ingrained a code of conduct which, today, I am proud off. Even till today I am extremely passionate about my department and my institute... That’s unlikely to change, because in every step and success in my career today, I find some credit invariably goes to my learning at DoMS." 

Rahul Chowdhury

HCL Technologies

Batch of 2006

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