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In view of the increasing importance of the Electronics Engineering discipline, a separate Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering was established in 1964 to offer Bachelor of engineering degree in Electronics & Communication and Master of Engineering degrees in (a) Advanced Electronics and (b) Applied Electronics & Servomechanisms. In 1968, the postgraduate programme was restructured with specializations in the areas of Communication Systems, Control and guidance, Microwaves and Radar, and Solid State Electronics. Two new undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Computer Science and Technology were started in the year 1982. Keeping in view the activities of the Department, the name was changed to Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering.

The Department has always been on a high growth path and to keep pace with the current technological trends, the Department has introduced two dual degree programmes leading to B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering and M.Tech in Information Technology and B.Tech in Electronics & Communication and M.Tech in Wireless Communication. In January 2013, a seperate Department of Computer Science and Engineering was carved out and the department was again renamed as Electronics and Communication Engineering. 

The Department has strong research groups in the broad areas of:

  • Communication Systems
  • RF and Microwaves
  • Microelectronics and  VLSI 

 The Department has successfully completed a large number of sponsored research projects funded by DRDO, DST, UGC, ISRO, DOE, AICTE, MCIT etc. Besides, the Department provides R &D and consultancy services to various industries.

List of Head of the Department

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

  • Prof. A. K. Kamal (January 1964 - April 1978)
  • Prof. N. C. Jain (April 1978 - December 1979)
  • Prof. Raghuvir Singh (December 1979 - January 1983)

Department was Renamed to Electronics and Computer Engineering

  • Prof. S. C. Gupta (January 1983 - January 1985)
  • Prof. N. K. Nanda (January 1985 - January 1988)
  • Prof. R. Mitra (January 1988 - January 1991)
  • Prof. R. C. Joshi (January 1991 - January 1994)
  • Prof. R. P. Agarwal (January 1994 - January 1997)
  • Prof. R. C. Joshi (January 1997 - December 1999)
  • Prof. R. P. Agarwal (January 2000 - December 2002) 
  • Prof. A. K. Sarje (January 2002 - December 2005)
  • Prof. D. K. Mehra (January 2006 - December 2008)
  • Prof. S. N. Sinha (January 2009 - December 2011)
  • Prof. Padam Kumar (January 2012 - May 2013)

Department of Electronics and Communication (w.e.f. 2013)

  • Prof. M. V. Kartikeyan (June 2013 - February 2016)
  • Prof. Debashis Ghosh (March 2016 - March 2019)
  • Prof. Sudeb Dasgupta (April 2019 - Till Date)
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