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Dr. Karun Rawat

Radio frequency power amplifier Design & distortion mitigation for energy and spectrum efficienct 5G wireless tranmitters SPARC,MHRD 4521775 2019
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Manhas Non-filamentary three-terminal memristor architecture for bio-mimetic and logic Design SPARC,MHRD 4596175 2019
Dr. Meenakshi Rawat RF-dsp co-Design techniques for energy/spectral efficient massive MIMO/carrier aggregation in 5Gcommunication SERB, New Delhi 5411766 2019
Dr. Rajib Kumar Panigrahi Evalution and Design of low cost ground instrumentation with real time monitoring for the development of landside early warning system NMHS 9354720 2019
Dr.Santosh Kumar Teachers associateship for research excellence(TARE) SCHEME SERB, New Delhi 1005000 2019
Dr. Anand Bulusu An energy efficient IOT processor built using an optimized near- threshold voltage standard cell library SERB, New Delhi 4895000 2019
Dr. Arnab Datta Nagative capacitance FET (NC-FET) fabrication, modeling and simulation for a systematics Design of digital circuits  DST, New Delhi 11259200 2019
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Manhas FeFET TCAD for interface engineering  Applied Materials,USA(AMAT,USA) 2138509 2019
Dr. Karun Rawat Design & development of ultra-wideband multi-octave gallium nitride monolithic microwave integrated circuit based power amplifier SERB, New Delhi 16397260 2019
Dr. Anshul Tyagi Full-duplex relay selection in MIMO cognitive radio networks SERB, New Delhi 1967600 2018
Dr. Dharmendra Singh an advanced application of dual band radar polarimetry data for crop identification and soil moisture retrieval Space Application Centre Ahmedabad 2166000 2018
Dr. Anand Bulusu a robust and scalable VLSI test methodology for high performance CMOS Designs considering spatila and temporal variations SEMICONDUTOR Research corporation (SRC) 2306671 2018
Dr. Amalendu Patnaik analysis and performance enhancement of graphene plasmonic antennas ISRO, Banglore 3034000 2018
Dr. Bishnu Prasad Das award of young faculty research fellowship  Digital India Corporation ,Mumbai 3700000 2018
Dr.Sanjeev Manhas DIC ph.d fellowship MHRD, New Delhi 936000 2018
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Manhas TCAD simulations for NAND AND DRAM technology simulation Applied Materials,USA(AMAT,USA) 2006767 2018
Dr. Karun Rawat Study of Design challenges in GaN MMIC based power amplifier at Ku-band DRDO NewDelhi 2300000 2018
Dr. Rajib Kumar Panigrahi Development of polarimetric SAR  tools for urban applications Space Application Centre Ahmedabad 2974000 2018
Dr. Dharmendra Singh Creation of DSIR-common research and technology development hub(CRTDH) IN Area of New materials/chemical process under DSIR- CRTDH programmer DSIR New Delhi 81500000 2017
Dr. Meenakshi Rawat Software defines techiques for hardware limitations in spectrum and power efficient 4G/5G communication  SERB, New Delhi 4049721 2017
Dr. M.V. Kartikeyan  Conceptualization of a second harmonic 100-150kw ,95GHz CW high power gyrotron" DRDO NewDelhi 3610000 2017
Dr. Debashish Ghosh Computer-aided sign language teaching learning tool for the education of hearing impaired childrenin india DST, New Delhi 3161475 2017
Dr. Dharmendra Singh An electromagnetic approach with development of cost effective material for stealth application : a special effort for development of camouflage net SERB, New Delhi 5972560 2017
Dr. Dharmendra Singh Adaptive snowpack parameters estimation and mapping by using SAR polarimetry and interferometry  DST, New Delhi 610000 2017
Dr. Karun Rawat Study of Design feasibility for high power GaN based power amplifier at Ku-band in hybride MIC technology Design Centre for Advanced Semiconductor Technology, Delhi 2448000 2017
Dr. Dharmendra Singh Development of computer vision approach for railway track health monitoring with fusion of satellite and drone data Railtel IIT ROORKEE centre of excellence in Telecommunication (RICET), IITR  8411600 2017
Dr. M.V. Kartikeyan  Antennas for onboard wireless communication system Railtel IIT ROORKEE centre of excellence in telecommunication (RICET), iitr  1600000 2017
Dr. Debashish Ghosh Design methology for hot swappable redundancy in signal processing electronics IRDE, Dehradun 950000 2017
Dr Madan Singh Chauhan  National post doctoral fellowship SERB, New Delhi 1920000 2017
Dr. Meenakshi Rawat Physical layer development for reconfigurable software defined radios M/s Vedang Radio Technology pvt. Ltd . Mumbai 500000 2017
Dr. Meenakshi Rawat Simulation and study of radio frequency front-end signal processing algorithm M/s lekhna Wireless Solutions pvt. Ltd. Banglore 135000 2017
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Manhas Scheme of financial assiatance  for setting up of electronics and ICT academics Department of Electronics and Information Technology, New Delhi 100000000 2016
Dr. Dharmendra Singh An application of drone with satellite data for precision agriculture monitoring and yield predication with drone assisted surveillance and diagnosis for biotic and abiotic stresses in sugar cane Indian Council of Agricultural Research , Agricultural Engineering division New Delhi 2621000 2016
Dr. Dharmendra Singh Development of fusion approach for retrieving high resolution soil moisture map from low resolution SCATSAT-1 data ISRO , Ahmedabad 3908600 2016
Dr. B.K. Kaushik Development and real-time implementation of filters to remove noise and blur effect DROD, Dehradun 1850000 2016
Dr. Brijesh Kumar Inorganic quantum DOT-LIGHT emitting devices SERB, New Delhi 4281200 2016
Dr. Bishnu Prasad Das Design of voltage-scalable and process variation tolerant standard cell library SERB, New Delhi 2609820 2016
Dr. M.V. Kartikeyan  Design and analysis of critical components of W -band Gyrotron DRDO, Jalahalli, Banglore 3000000 2016
Dr. Sudeb Dasgupta Special manpower development programme for chips to system Design Ministry of Communication and IT , Department of Electronics and Information tech. , New Delhi not confirmed 2015
Dr. Nagendra Prasad Pathak  Contactless vital sign monitoring systems DRDO New Delhi 3400000 2015
Dr. B.K. Kaushik Development of restoration techniques for weather degraded images DRDO,IRDE, Dehradun 970000 2015
Dr. Dharmendra Singh Optimal inference in complex and turbulent data DST, New Delhi 29,83,470 2014
Dr. Dharmendra Singh Study and development of multi-layer and frequency selective surfaces for application of radar wave absorption  DRDO NewDelhi 8617440 2014
Dr. Dharmendra Singh RAILTEL-IITR centre of excellence in telecom at IIT ROORKEE RailTel Corporation of India Ltd. Guragaon 120000000 2014
Dr. Rajib Kumar Panigrahi Development of tools for hybrid polSAR data analysis and applications ISRO ,Banglore 1158000 2013
Dr.Anand Bulusu A robust methodology for nanoscale VLSI circuit Design considering layout dependent systematic variations SERB, New Delhi 3837000 2013
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