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Systems and Control

Welcome to the Systems and Control (SAC) Group in the Department of Electrical Engineering (EED) at the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IITR). 


The SAC Group is dedicated to research and education in a broad range of activities. Some of the critical areas of the group’s programme are robotics-design, development, path planning and control, autonomous ground and aerial vehicles-robust control and reinforcement learning, networked control systems, multiagent systems, negative imagery systems, smart actuators-dynamics, robust control and stability analysis, process control applications, formal verification of control systems, embedded system development, machine learning and deep learning. The faculty members have multiple national and international level funded projects (both government and private agencies) and are working on them with active support from research scholars and UG and PG students of the group. The group is always thriving to be involved in several thrust areas that are important for developing the country’s control system infrastructure. At present there are a total of ten dynamic faculty members in the group who are working closely with each other and their respective aspiring research scholars aiming towards high quality publications thereby placing the group’s achievement on the global map of education and research. The group members have high technical expertise in their respective field of research such as intelligent control systems, robust control systems, robotics, unmanned aerial and ground vehicles, smart actuators, network control systems, embedded dynamical systems, sampled data systems and so on.

Furthermore, the group is equipped with highly sophisticated laboratories such as Control systems and robotics laboratory, reliability testing laboratory, embedded systems laboratory and newly coming up advanced robotics laboratory with state of the art software and hardware to facilitate research works of both research scholars as well as UG and PG students. The faculty members have a strong research network across the globe within industries and Indian/foreign academia.

Finally the courses offered by the group starting from fundamentals of control systems to advanced control systems involving, intelligent control techniques, robotics, robust and non-linear control system analyses.

The research interests of the faculty members include medical robotics, embedded control system, sampled data system, biological system modeling and analysis, UAVs and UGVs, wide area system monitoring and control.

We encourage our students to take part in research and at the same time gain experience in industries/academia. We welcome highly motivated and passionate students to join our programme and be a part of the exciting work that we do at the SAC group, EED, IITR.

List of faculty members (Alphabetical order)

  1. Prof. Abhisek Kumar Behera
  2. Prof. Arnab Dey
  3. Prof. Ashish Kothyari
  4. Prof. Barjeev Tyagi
  5. Prof. G. N. Pillai
  6. Prof. Indra Gupta
  7. Prof. M. Felix Orlando
  8. Prof. Sohom Chakrabarty
  9. Prof. Vishal Kumar
  10. Prof. Yogesh Vijay Hote
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