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Workshops and QIP


A Two-Day Workshop on Elder Abuse and Crime Against the Elderly: Challenges and Preventive Measures was organized in association with National Institute of Social Defence (NISD), Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment on 21-22 February 2019. Convenor: Dr Anindya J. Mishra


A quality improvement programme

A QIP on Soft Skills Development: A Tool for Effective Teaching was held at QIP Centre, IIT Roorkee co-ordinated by Prof. Nagendra Kumar and Prof. Binod Mishra of the HSS department. June 2018.


General Workshops

A Researcher Connect Workshop was organized by the British Council at Humanities and Social Sciences Department from 4th February to 7th February, 2013. Jo Chaffer, Pat Macaindra and Aashima Gupta conducted this workshop. Sixteen Research Scholars and four Faculty Members attended the workshop.

Quality Improvement Programmes (QIP)

Quality Improvement Programme (QIP) on "Soft Skills Development: A Tool for Effective Teaching" was held at QIP Centre, IIT Roorkee. June 25-29, 2018

Convenors: Prof. Nagendra Kumar and Prof. Binod Mishra

Management Development Programme (MDP) on “Business Analytics for Managers” jointly by Indian Institute of Management Kashipur and ICICI Financial Learning (with Prof. Mudit Kulshrestha and Prof. Barnali Nag, IIM Kashipur), May 7-9, 2014.

Convenor: Rachita Gulati

“Research Methodology and Quantitative Techniques With Software Applications”, June 08-12, 2009., 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.

Convener: D. K. Nauriyal, Co Convener: S.P. Singh

One-Day Workshop on “Qualitative Research Methods in Social Sciences and Humanities” 12 October 2013 at Quality Improvement Centre, IIT Roorkee.

Convener: A. J. Mishra, Co Convener: Smita Jha

One-day Workshop on “Translation in Post-colonial India”, organized by Humanities & Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology, 22 March 2013.

 Convener: Smita Jha

AICTE & QIP Programmes on “Enhancing Effectiveness of Classroom Teaching ThroughSoft Skills”, 10-14 June, 2013.

Convener: Nagendra Kumar, Co Convener: Binod Mishra

Short-Term Course on Research Methodology sponsored by QIP, IITR,Roorkee 15 June 2012.

Convener: Smita Jha

Workshop on Research Methodology sponsored by QIP, IITR, Roorkee,15 November 2012

Convener: Smita Jha

“Official Language Policy And Its Implementation” 14 March 2011.

Convener: Nagendra Kumar

Short term course on “Macro Human Culture” sponsored by quality improvement programme ,IITR, 7- 11 June 2010

Convener: Smita Jha, Co Convener: Anindya J. Mishra

AICTE & QIP Programs on “Culture and Communication”, 21-25 June, 2010.

Convener: Nagendra Kumar

“Enhancing Professional Skills” during March-2-6, 2009.

Convener: D. K. Nauriyal, Co Convener: Rashmi Gaur

Workshop on performance management sponsored by QIP, IITR, Roorkee, 26 September 2009 

Convener: Smita Jha

AICTE & QIP Programs on “Interrogating Culture and Practicing Communication”, 22-26 June, 2009. 

Convener: Nagendra Kumar,  Co Convener: Smita Jha, Anindya J. Mishra

“Rashtriya karyashala on Computer awam Hindi” CSIR, QIP, Roorkee 23-24 September, 2009 

Convener: Nagendra Kumar

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