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Economic Database

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences maintains the collection of several economic databases as an attempt to render its dedicated support to the students, researchers and faculties. This endeavour provides cutting- edge information for research and teaching in Economics. The list of databases includes the following:   

Annual Survey of Industries: The Annual Survey of Industries (ASI) is the principal source of industrial statistics in India. The comprehensive and detailed data obtained from ASI can be used for the estimation of the contribution of industrial sector in the State economy, and for systematic study of various structural aspects of the industry. As a continuous effort, the department has maintained the record of ASI data since 1998-99.

Census Data: This data forms the benchmark for framing of the welfare and development policies for billions of population living in India. It covers the information about population projections, density of population, the state of literacy, gender composition of population, the size and the rate of growth of population, etc. Census data on population, economic activities, migration and socio-cultural characteristics of the people is a comprehensive source of information for framing demographic policies.

Indiastat.com: It is a portal for country-specific, state-specific, sector-specific and region-specific, secondary level socio-economic statistical facts and figures on more than 35 variables. This online gateway includes statistics on demographics, health, higher education, agricultural and industrial production, etc. Information from specific sectors such as banking and financial institutions, companies, co-operatives, crime and law, population, foreign trade, labor and workforce, housing, media, power, and transportation are also included in this data source.

National Sample Survey (NSS): The National Sample Survey Organization (NSSO) has been conducting nationwide sample surveys on various socio-economic aspects since 1950. These surveys are conducted in the form of rounds extending normally over a period of one year. Each NSS round provides data on the state-wise as well as district- wise estimates on certain socio-economic indicators. The various rounds conducted by NSSO cover major areas such as employment-unemployment; unorganized enterprises in non-agricultural sectors; population, births, deaths, disability, morbidity, fertility, maternity & child care, and family planning; land holdings and livestock enterprises; and debt, investment and capital formation; etc. The department has kept stock of the National Sample Survey (NSS) unit-level record data till the 68th Round.


Language Laboratory

In a globalized world where high proficiency of English is a pre-requisite for professional success, the state-of-the-art Language Laboratory at the department of Humanities & Social Sciences helps the undergraduate and post-graduate students of IIT acquire advanced levels of spoken English language skills. The teaching material has been segmented into three levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. With the help of a test at B. Tech I Year, students are divided into groups on the basis of their proficiency, and are then taken through the course content by facilitators.

The teaching material consists of explication of Standard English grammar, sounds, syllable-stress, rhythm, intonation and plenty of exercises for practice. In addition to this, the English software at the laboratory acquaints the learners with the nuances of Standard American English and Standard Indian English so that the students could distinguish among different varieties of English.            

Course teaching is followed by practice sessions in which the objective is to help students reduce the influence of their respective mother tongues on their English use. The grammar and vocabulary exercises strengthen the knowledge of the language, while regular participation in extempore and group discussions ensure greater fluency. Further, the software at the language lab also has content on foreign languages like Chinese, German, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish. The software includes Orell Digital Language Lab & English Edge.   

Future Plan

  1. Through Language laboratory short-term and long term coaching for International examinations like IELTS, TOEFL and other competitive examination can be organized.
  2. Online courses and paperless examination can be conducted with the help of language lab
  3. Some of the foreign languages such as Spanish and Japanese may also be started with the help of language.
  4. We are on the track to start a full-fledged Media course for B.Tech. students through language Lab

Special Technical Features of Language Laboratory, HSS, IIT, Roorkee: 

  1. We have 53 booths with one master console.
  2. We have latest software to improve language.
  3. The Language Laboratory of the Dept. of HSS is both a Computer Assisted Language Laboratory (CALL) and a Web Assisted Language Laboratory (WALL).
  4. The master console/instructor has a computer with appropriate software for conducting English language exercises.
  5. The computer systems of teacher and student are connected with LAN (Local Area Network) and in some cases, with separate audio cabling.
  6. A server computer or a separate storage device is used to store lesson materials in a digital format.
  7. To communicate with students there is a media player/recorder for listening to audio and for watching video.
  8. Students can also record their voice to know the real impact of their communication.
  9. Texts, images, audio and video can easily be integrated; teachers can alter materials to fit their requirements.
  10. Learners can record their own voice and play the recordings back to know the improvement of their tone and pronunciation with the help of the teacher.
  11. Teachers can very well control the class through console.


Teaching Material

Language Laboratory of the department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Roorkee, has the latest teaching material. The software contains all the 44 sound of Received Pronunciation. There are exercises on each and every word of RP. All these words have exercises on intonation and accent. This helps students to know the accurate pronunciation. The software does also have exercises on comprehension of both Standard English and American English. This kind of training helps our students to be familiar with the speed and the tone of both American English and British English. It also helps them to acquire fluency. To make our students fit for competing in this globalized world, we have exercises on presentation skills and group discussions. Students get the idea of dos and don’ts through the audio-video clipping of the above mentioned exercises. Through video a student can very well learn the gesture or posture required for a successful group discussion and an impressive oral presentation. There are some exercises on Indian English also which make clear distinction between Standard English and Indian English. This kind of training does also help the students to learn English in the right manner. Our Language Laboratory also contains vocabulary storage to enrich the vocabulary of our students. Enriching vocabulary certainly provides command over language. The software that we provide is designed for teaching foreign languages like Chinese, German, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish apart from English.

The need for Language Laboratory in the present globalised world is immense. It gives confidence to students by providing them with facilities for getting command over language. The latest technology has helped in making the optimum use of Language Lab. A Language Lab is an absolutely essential part of any advanced institute of learning.


Psychology Laboratory

 This laboratory has been created at the Department of HSS as a modest facility to conduct research and give training to the students and faculty. It was established in the year 1971 with the objective of providing theoretical and practical understanding of behavioral aspects of an individual as well as of the group. The activities involve familiarization and practice in the use of various psychological tools, software and tests, standardized questionnaires, and scales and conducting experiments.

Currently the Psychology Laboratory is equipped with several important measures for assessing psychological dispositions including abilities, motivation, managerial skills, personality, attitude, aptitude, interest and values. They help in preparing psychological make-up or profile of the people. Such information and inputs are extremely useful in deciphering the psychological problems of various types, providing guidance and counseling, recruitment in and selection for various jobs. The psychological tools available in the lab encompass many areas. An illustrative list of the tools used in different fields of psychology available in the lab is as follows:

  1. Human Development: Parenting, Aspiration, Interest, Vocational preferences, Family environment.
  2. Ability : Intelligence, Emotional intelligence, Social intelligence, Aptitude, 
  3.  Cognition: Problem Solving, Creativity, Conflict Resolution Inventory.
  4.  Positive Psychology:  Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, Interpersonal Trust, Quality of life,
  5. Organizational Psychology: Motivation, Stress and Burnout, Occupational efficacy, Quality of Life,  Work Motivation, Organizational Health, Occupational Self Efficacy, Employee Health. Managerial Effectiveness Scale, Motivational Analysis of Organizations, Work-Life Balance, Decisional Styles Inventory, Quality of Work-Life.
  6. Personality: Anxiety, Depression, NEO-4-Personality Test, FIRO-B, Locus of Control Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Rorschach Inkblot Test, Eysenck Personality Questionnaire, Thematic Apperception Test (TAT).
  7. Cognitive Neuropsychology. Measures of laterality, Decision making.
  8. Social Psychology: Family environment, Social skills, Values, Marital Adjustment.



With more than 5500 books in all disciplines of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Department Library is a rich depository of knowledge and an information intersection for Faculty Members and Research Scholars.

The purpose of the Computer facility in the department is to help the faculty and students to improve their academic visibility in and outside IIT Roorkee by producing world-class research in their own, interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary domains, which would be difficult to accomplish without using state-of- the- art computers, duly supported by the relevant software.  The Computer Lab. of the department facilitates the processing of large quantities of data and reducing data to more manageable and easily understood forms. Apart from the normal word processing packages, the Lab houses licensed SPSS package for processing the statistical information. It generally opens up at the Institute time although the facility is also made available to those interested in using it for 24*7. 


New Initiatives

The psychology faculty is engaged on an informal basis in extending help to the technology students in dealing with their personal and social problems. This needs to be structured and formalized. The Department of HSS has taken initiatives to augment the existing laboratory space and facilities so that the students from various disciplines may get practical experience, and the research in psychology may be strengthened. This would allow undertaking extension activities, fostering research and promoting related skills and contributing to knowledge.

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