History - Department of Hydrology,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee


  • 1972: Commencement of International P.G. Hydrology Course at Roorkee supported by Govt. of India and UNESCO with the launch of International Hydrological Decade 1965-74.
  • 1977: International Hydrology Course christened as School of Hydrology. 
    Specialization on Surface Water Hydrology and Groundwater Hydrology Introduced. 
  • 1980: Support of WMO and The Royal Netherlands Govt. started.  Watershed Management Specialization introduced.
  • 1982: Opening of Laboratory Building at the School of Hydrology.
  • 1985: School of Hydrology upgraded as Department of Hydrology. IDRC (Canada) support commenced.
  • 1985: Inauguration of the new academic block of the Department of Hydrology and its shifting to the present location.
  • 1997: Silver Jubilee Anniversary year of the Department. International Symposium on ‘Emerging Trends in Hydrology’ (ISETH-97) organized.
  • 1999: Induction of the Department into Special Assistance Programme (SAP) of UGC at the level of Department Research Support
  • 2003: Funds for Improvement in Science & Technology Infrastructure in the University and Higher Educational Institution (FIST).
  • 2003:Extension of the Department Building (on 1st floor).
  • 2005:International Conference on “Hydrological Perspectives for Sustainable Development” (HYPESD-2005), Feb. 23 -25, 2005.
  • 2015: The Department of Hydrology was recognized as one of the WMO - Regional Training Center.
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