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Bharat Singh Lecture Series

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Late Professor Bharat Singh, former Vice Chancellor University of Roorkee (1982-1986) is a well-known name in the area of water resources development. His areas of specialization included Water Resources Planning, Sediment Transport, Irrigation Engineering and Design of Hydraulic Structures, specially Earth and Rock fill Dams. He was very closely associated with the water resources development of the country for over five decades.

Born in December 1925, he obtained Diploma (Hons.) in Civil Engineering from Thomason College, Roorkee in 1945 and DIC and Ph.D. from Imperial college of Science and Technology and London University in 1960. He served in UP Irrigation Department from 1945 to 1951 and joined University of Roorkee as Lecturer in Civil Engineering Department in 1963. Later he switched over to Water Resources Development Training Centre (WRDTC) in 1966. He rose to the position of Vice Chancellor of the University of Roorkee in 1982.

Dr. Bharat Singh had the rare quality of providing solution of field problems with academic excellence. He visited many countries like UK, USA, Iraq, Iran, Indonesia, China, Philippines, and USSR. He was UNDP consultant in Iran and UNDRO delegate to Armenia. He was a member of expert Panels of several major Projects in India. He was appointed a member of three-man panel formed by the then Prime Minister for Kaveri Water Dispute (January 1996) and was a member of National Commission for Integrated Water Resources Development (1997 to 1999). He was a Fellow of the National Academy of Engineering and several other professional Institutions. He published three standard textbooks and over 50 papers, several of which have received national awards like Khosla Research Award (1963), Central Board of Irrigation and Power Medals (1966, 1975). Institution of Engineers (India) Prize (1965-66) and Indian Geotechnical Society R.N. Prasad Prize (1990).


Lecture 1 -Inaugural Bharat Singh Endowment Lecture delivered by Prof. K. Subramanya on "Interesting Experiences in Practical Works related to Water Resources" on February 06, 2020

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Lecture 2 -Second Bharat Singh Endowment Lecture in Hydrology on 'Entropy Theory and its Application in Hydrologic Engineering' delivered by Prof V. P. Singh on 24th February 2020
Second BSEL in Hydrology on Entropy Theory and its Application in Hydrologic Engineering delivered Prof V P Singh 24th February 2020.JPG (5.51 MB)Lecture 3 -Numerical studies of colloid and virus transport in unsaturated soil and groundwater

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