Activities - Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Cultural Activities

Formal :

Formal is an introductory function of the first yearites of UG and PG level. This function is one of the cultural activities being pursued by METES. This function serves as a platform through which the first yearites get to know about the department, its faculty members and their work field. New comer also introduce themselves. It is the first cultural activity for welcoming 1st yearites.

Metes cricket tournament:

METES Cricket Tournament is a new dimension which is being added to METES during the year 2002-03. Basically this is an inter year tournament in which teams from undergraduate, post graduate as well as faculty team participate. The main motto behind organizing such events is to establish interaction among the students at UG and PG level.

Club Day:

This is another sport activity organized by METES. During this event students get an opportunity to play various indoor games with faculty members in UG students club.

Farewell party:

At the end of session a farewell party is organized for passing out seniors to wish them a bright and successful career.

Technical Activities


The annual magazine of the department is also scheduled work of metes. Metallurgica is a reflection of research work going on in the department. The content of metallurgica is technical articles from alumni, faculty members, research scholars and students. This magazine also contains abstract of papers published in national and international journals. Metallurgica also includes important information about technical festival Matrix and last two years placement scenario. Metallurgica serves to display yearly progress of the department.


METES not only works to promote interaction among faculty members , technical staff and students, this also works to establish interaction with industries. I.I.I. (Institute Industry Interaction) meeting is proposed program in this direction. This meet enhances the inflow of knowledge and improves job scenario.

Educational Trip:-

The trip is also a part of I.I.I. program. This trip is organized every year to various industries. During trip, the student get an opportunity to apply their skills practically and learn industrial processes at the production level.

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