Prospective Faculty - Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Prospective Faculty


The department invites online applications from prospective, highly motivated, outstanding candidates (preferably under 35 years of age) for multiple faculty positions at the level of Assistant Professor through rolling advertisement throughout the year.

Department offers conducive research environment

  • State of the art in-house materials processing facilities: Spark plasma sintering (SPS), thermomechanical physical simulator (Gleeble 3800), Cold isostatic press, Ball mills, Rolling mills, Vacuum annealing, UHV chamber, Thin film deposition, Induction and vacuum arc melting  
  • World-class in-house characterization facilities: 300kV JEM3200FS TEM with straining and heating holders, EELS, HAADF, EDS, TEM sample preparation lab, SEM with EDS and EBSD, XRD with bulk texture SAXS and high temperature measurement options,  Nanoindentation, Multi-scale indentation, XRF, Potentiostats with impedance capabilities, FT-IR spectroscopy,  Creep testers, Servo hydraulic fatigue tester, Dilatometer, DMA, DSC/DTA, Wear characterization facilities
  • Modeling softwares such as Thermocalc, Dictra, Migra/Micress

In addition to salary and allowances, following special perks are given by the Institute to newly appointed faculty member

  • An additional fellowship of INR 30,000/- per month for a period of 3 years for the new Assistant Professors.
  • Faculty Initiation Grant (FIG) of INR 20 lacs and INR 2 Lacs for the purchase of Laptop/Printer, etc.
  • ​IITR houses Institute Instrumentation Centre, a centralized facility housing many sophisticated analytical instruments which are accessible to all researchers of IITR.

​Online Submission of application

​For any queries, contact Prof. G.P. Chaudhari, Email:

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