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Consultancy Projects
Consultancy Projects  (2010 onwards)
  • Improvement in Production of cast EN36C(S) alloy steel free from porosity and banded microstructure  Mahindra Sanyo special Steel Pvt. Ltd., Jagdishnagar, KhopoliProf. P.K. Ghosh  2014.

  • Testing and evaluation of magnetic characteristics of ALNICO-6 Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Lucknow, Prof. P.K. Ghosh  2014.

  • Optimization of composition of two wheeler brake pads TVS Motor Company Ltd., Chennai, Dr. B.V. Manoj Kumar 3.7 lacs 2013.

  • Ultrasonic testing for internal soundness testing of blooms and railway axels  Mahindra Sanyo special Steel Pvt. Ltd., Jagdishnagar, Khopoli, Prof. P.K. Ghosh  2013. 

  • Thermomechanical (high strain rate) processing of low carbon steel L&T Ltd. Prof. S.K. Nath 2.2 lacs 2013.

  • Dynamic Evaluation of Radar Absorbing Materials for Shell Applications DRDO Prof. Vijaya Agarwala  9.20 lacs  2012.

  • Mechanical Alloying of Coke-Polymer Blends (In-Au, UNSW) IN-AUS, UNSW Prof. Vijaya Agarwala  5.79 lacs 2012.

  • Data mining of thermo-physical properties of steel required for mathematical modeling of hot rolling process RDCIS, Steel Authority of India Ltd., Ranchi  Prof. P.K. Ghosh 2012.

  • Investigation on possible damage in metallic part of the machines exposed in heat due to fire took place at mv enterprises plant at Hardwar road, Dehradun M/s S.K. Agarwal & Co. (Insurance surveyor & loss assessor), Meerut Cantt., Prof. P.K. Ghosh  2012.

  • Expert opinion on ultrasonic and dye penetration tests on two patches of weld deposits on one part of a turbine pivot ring M/s Gogoal Hydro Power pvt. ltd., E-60, Industrial Area, Haridwar,  Prof. P.K. Ghosh 2012.

  • Investigation on clutch wheel breakage due to cracking during production/operation M/s Panalfa Autoelektric Ltd., Begumpur, Khatola, 39th milestone, NH-8 Gurgaon, Haryana  Prof. P.K. Ghosh  2012.

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