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PhD Awarded
 List of Candidates Awarded Ph.D. Degree. in the Year 2019


Student Name Thesis Title Supervisor
R Manoj Kumar Developing polymer based surface modified composite for drug eluting orthopedic implants Dr. Debrupa Lahiri


List of Candidates Awarded Ph.D. Degree. in the Year 2018


Student Name            Thesis Title Supervisor
Yashwant Mehta Thermo-mechanical processing  and mechanical behavior of high phosphorous steels Dr. G P Chaudhari
Neeraj Srivastava Ultrasonic processing of aluminum alloy melts Dr. G P Chaudhari


List of Candidates Awarded Ph.D. Degree. in the Year 2017


Student Name    

                                               Thesis Title   Supervisor
Sobhit Saxena Lithium-ion battery-supercapacitor hybrid using biomaterial electrodes Dr. Anjan Sil
Dasharath Mabrukar Mechanical Properties of UFG low SFE Cu-Zn & Cu-Al processed by cryo rolling/Forging Dr. Suhrit Mula
Debasish Chatterjee Advanced Thermomechanical Study of AISI 301N Grade Steel for Future Transport Applications  Dr. B. S. S. Daniel


List of Candidates Awarded Ph.D. Degree. in the Year 2016

Student Name

                                          Thesis title


 Brij Kishor

Slurry and cavitation erosion of thermomechanically treated turbine grade steels



Himanshu Panjiar 

Effect of nano-graphite coating on small Di diesel engine performance

Dr.B.B.S. Daniel


Maruff Hussain

Mechanical behavior of ultrafine-grained Al-Mg-Si alloy processed through SPD 


Rajeev Sehrawat 

Synthesis and characterization of LiFePO4/C polymer cathode material for Li-ion battery

Dr.Anjan Sil

Rajni Sharma

Polymer based nanocomposite electrolytes for Li-ion batteries

Dr.Anjan Sil

Dr.Subrata Ray

Ravi Panwar 

Broadband radar absorbing materials using fractal fss for stealth application

Dr.Vijaya Agarwala

Dr.Dharmendra Singh

Sanjay Singh Rathore

Processing and properties of sinter-forged Fe-2Cu-0.7C-xMo alloys

Dr.Vikram V. Dabhade

Tilk Chandra Joshi 

Processing and properties of Y2O3 reinforced Al-7075 composites by powder forging

Dr.Vikram V. Dabhade

Dr.Ujjwal Prakash

Vipin Sharma 

Fabrication and tribology of friction stir processed Al alloy surface composites

Dr.Ujjwal Prakash

Dr.B.V.Manoj Kumar


List of Candidates Awarded Ph.D. Degree. in the Year 2013-15


Student Name

Thesis title


Amarendra H.J

Combined cavitation and slurry erosion of various heat treated martensitic stainless steels.

Dr. G. P. Chaudhari

H. Shivananda Nayaka

Severe plastic deformation of magnesium alloys using accumulative roll bonding.

Dr. B.S.S.Daniel

Manjeet Singh Goyat

Influence of inorganic nano filler on modification of physical and mechanical characteristics of adhesive.

Dr. P.K. Ghosh

Manoranjan Kumar Manoj

Abrasive wear behaviour of dual phase steels.

Dr. S.K. Nath

Ashish Wamanrao Selokar

Erosion studies on nitronic steels for underwater part applications

Dr. Ujjwal Prakash

Dr. D.B.Goel

Deepa Mudgal

Development of coatings for incinerator environment using D-gun technique

Dr. Satya Prakash

Dr. Surendra Singh

Nidhi Rana

High temerature corrosion behaviour of thermally sprayed nanocoatings

Dr. Satya Prakash

Dr. R. Jayaganthan

Paritosh Dubey 

Synthesis and development of hard and tough nanocrystalline metal nitride coatings

Dr. Devendra Singh

Dr. Ramesh Chandra

Preeti Makkar

Wear and corrosion behaviour of electroless Ni-P based nanocomposite coatings

Dr. R. C. Agarwala

Dr. Vijaya Agarwala

Rashmi Mittal

Charcterization of spray deposited cold rolled Al-Si-Pb alloys

Dr. Devendra Singh

Ravi Kant

Development and characterization of feal basedcomposites

Dr. Ujjwal Prakash

Dr. Vijaya Agarwala

Santanu Das

Microstructural, mechanical and themophysical properties of Th-U alloys


Dr. G.P.Chaudhari

Sunil Kumar Rajput

Thermomechanical processing of plain low carbon and microalloyed steels

Dr. G.P.Chaudhari

Dr. S.K.Nath

Sunkulp Goel

Mechanical behaviour of UFG zircaloy-2 processed by cryorolling: Experiments & simulation

Dr. I. V. Singh

Dr. R. Jayaganthan

Vinod Kumar Jeenagar

Effect of microstructural modification on the energy absorption capacity of aluminium foam


Dr. Vivek Pancholi

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