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Ceramics - structural, energy storage, electronics Dr. Anjan Sil, Dr. B.V.Manoj Kumar, Dr. Indranil Lahiri  
Composite (polymers, metal, ceramics) for structural applications and adhesive joining Dr. P.K.Ghosh, Dr. B.S.S.Daniel, Dr. Debrupa Lahiri
Corrosion Dr. R.Jayaganthan, Dr. M.BharadwajDr. G.P.Chaudhari
Extractive Metallurgy Dr. D.Puri, Dr. Nikhil Diwan
Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics Dr. P.K.Ghosh
High Temperature Deformation Behavior Dr. U.Prakash, Dr. Vivek Pancholi
Joining of Materials Dr. P.K.Ghosh
Severe Plastic Deformation and Bulk Nanostructured materials Dr. G.P.Chaudhari, Dr. Vivek Pancholi, Dr. R.Jayaganthan, Dr. Surit Mula, Dr. Sai Ramudu MekaDr. K.S. Suresh
Powder Processing of Materials Dr. U. Prakash, Dr. D.Singh,  Dr. V.DhabadeDr. Debrupa LahiriDr. Surit MulaDr. Sai Ramudu Meka
Tribology Dr. S.K.NathDr. B.V.Manoj Kumar
Advanced Fuctional Materials Dr. B.S.S.Daniel, Dr. Sadhan Ghosh
Computational Material Science Dr. D.SinghDr. Sadhan GhoshDr. B.S.S.Daniel, Dr. R.Jayaganthan,  Dr. P.K.Ghosh
Biomataterials for Tissue Engineering Dr. Debrupa LahiriDr. R.Jayaganthan , Dr. V.Dhabade
Nanomaterials Synthesis and Applications Dr. Debrupa LahiriDr. Indranil LahiriDr. R.JayaganthanDr. Surit Mula,
Surface Engineering Dr. R.JayaganthanDr. Debrupa LahiriDr. M.BharadwajDr. Sai Ramudu Meka
Energy conversion and Storage Dr. Anjan SilDr. Indranil Lahiri
Crystallographic Texture, Shape memory alloys, Additive manufacturing Dr. K.S. Suresh
Steel development, Structure-property correlation in steel, Joining of steels Dr. Sourav DasDr. U. Prakash



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