Sponsored Research - Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Sponsored Research
 Sponsored Research Projects (2010 onwards)
  • Designing nanostructures for hierarchical phonon scattering in zinc oxide for thermoelectric energy generation, SERB, New Delhi, 59.20 Lacs, Dr.Abhishek Tiwari, 2020.
  • Hot deformationn simulation study of alloy 625 and its high temprature fatige behavior in indian context, SERB, New Delhi, 59.20 Lacs, Dr. Suhrit Mula, 2020.
  • Tailoring the architecture of microsturecture in AL-based AL-cu-NI alloys to improve the mechanical properties, SERB, New Delhi, 2.80 Lacs, Dr. Saurav das, 2020.
  • 3D Bio Stereolithography for Engineering Fincitonal Tissues, SERB, New Delhi, 46.68 Lacs, Dr. Debrupa Lahiri, 2020.
  • LCF of cast 625 superalloy for turbine casting and firged 617 superalloy forrotor applications, DRDO, New Delhi, 29.85 Lacs, Dr. Ujjawal Prakash, 2019. 
  • A multilayered regenerative scaffold engineered to heal deep wound by mimicking anatomical architecture of natural tissue, DRDO, New Delhi, 29.85 Lacs, Dr. Debrupa Lahiri, 2019.
  • Fatique and corrosion properties of ultrafine grained Al5083-SiCp nanocomposites developed by stir-casting + SPD processing for naval applications, CSIR, New Delhi, 28.42 Lacs, Dr. Suhrit Mula, 2019.
  • Development of nano-structured ultra high strength bainitic steel with excellent ductility, IMPRINT-II, 48.72 lacs,  Dr. Sourav Das, 2019.
  • Enviornment assisted cracking of naval grade alluminium alloys, NRB-DRDO, 33.5 Lacs, Dr. G.P.Chaudhari, 2018.
  • Defining the stability of retained austenite in steel, DST-SERB (Extra Mural),  44.68 lacs,  Dr. Sourav Das, 2018.
  • LCF of cast 625 superalloys for turbine casing and forged 617 superalloy for rotor applications, IGCAR, Kalpakkam, 194.0 Lacs, Dr. Ujjwal Prakash (PI) and Dr. Suhrit Mula (Co-PI),  2018.
  • Effect of thermomechanical processing on microstructure and mechanical properties of Co-Cr-Cu-Fe-Ni-Si based eutectic high entropy alloys, SERB New Delhi, 30.64 Lacs, Dr. Suhrit Mula (Co-PI), 2018.
  • Surface Modified Metallic Orthopedic Implant for Sustained Drug Release, DST, TSDP, 76.29 lacs Dr. Debrupa Lahiri 2016.
  • Development of Hybrid Multiscale Carbon Filler Reinforced Epoxy Composites for Structural Application, BRNS, DAE, 35.42 Lacs Dr. Debrupa Lahiri 2016.
  • Development of conducting polymer coated LiFePO4 nano-composites as cathode materials for next-generation lithium ion batteries, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi9.12 Lacs Dr. Anjan Sil 2015. 
  • 2D and 3D field emittersNaval Research Board24.96 Lacs Dr. Indranil Lahiri 2015. 
  • Comminution studies of Banded iron ores, DST13.2 Lacs Dr. Nikhil Dhawan 2015.
  • Health Science on '‘Magnesium Based Functionally Gradient Material System for Orthopedic Application’', DST  53.91 lacs Dr. Debrupa Lahiri 2015.
  •  Erosion behavior of ZrB2-SiC composites, ISRO, Bangalore, 21.20 Lacs Dr. BV Manoj Kumar 2015.
  • Nano-structured novel TiCN cermets for cutting tool applications, DST, New Delhi, under Indo-Slovenia collaborative project, 20.49 Lacs Dr BV Manoj Kumar 2015.
  • Comminution studies of Banded iron ores, DST 13.2 Lacs Dr. Nikhil Dhawan 2015.
  • Enhancement of Wear Resistance of SiC-WC Composites for Tribological Applications, CSIR New Delhi 2.88 Lacs Dr. B. V. Manoj Kumar.
  • Optimization of hot workability and control of microstructure in aerospace grade titanium alloys like Ti-3Al-2Sn (Half alloy), Ti-5Al-2.5Sn (alpha Ti), Ti-15-3-3-3 (Ti-15V-3Cr-3Sn-3Al, betaTiISRO14.89 Lacs  Dr. Vivek Pancholi
  • Carbon Nanotube based 2D and 3D Field Emitters, NRB New Delhi 24.96 lacs, Dr. Indranil Lahiri 2015.
  • Design and Development Ultra-High Current-Density Field Emission System, IIT, Roorkee 10 lacs Dr. Indranil Lahiri 2013.
  • Developing Polymer Based Surface Modified Composite for Drug Eluting Orthopedic Implants, DST 24.67 lacs Dr. Debrupa Lahiri 2013.
  • Polymer based composite for hard tissue engineering, IIT Roorkee (FIG), 10 lacs  Dr. Debrupa Lahiri 2013.
  • To study critical application of pulse current gas tungsten Arching Process in surface processing of steel for desired properties CSIR Dr. P.K.Ghosh 2013.
  • Computational studies on synthesizing high wear resistant non-conventional intermetallics through alloy designing, IIT Roorkee, Initiation Grant 10 lacs  Dr. Sadhan Ghosh 2013.
  • Development of TiAl Based Intermetallic Matrix Composites for Prospective Space Applications ISRO-Bangalore 12 lacs  Dr. V.Agarwala 2013.
  • IP-UniLink: Enhancing IP Management in EU and BRIC countries to boost Higher Education and Business Links and Technology Transfer,  Erasmus Mundus programme of EU 9.27675 lacs Dr. P.K. Ghosh 2013.
  • Investigation on advanced welding technique to improve properties of dissimilar weld joint of austenitic stainless steel to high strength low alloy steel, DRDO 35.87 lacs Dr. P.K. Ghosh 2013.
  • Low Cost Technique for Purification of As and Microbes Contaminated Water by Nanotechnology WTI, DST 47 lacs  Dr.  V. Agarwala 2013.
  • Studies on Electroless Ni-P-TiO2 Nanocomposite Coatings for Wear and Corrosion Applications UCOST- Dehradun 12 lacs  Dr V.Agarwala 2013.
  • Insitu Aluminium alloy matrix composites by hybrid processing of melts, CSIR 14.9 lacs Dr. B.S.S. Daniel 2013.
  • Date mining of Themo-Physical Properties of Steel required for Mathematical Modeling of Hot Rolling Process RDCIS, SAIL 9.25 lacs Dr. V.V. Dabhade 2013.
  • Synthesis and Mechanical Properties of Mechanically Alloyed Copper – Based Nanocomposites for High Strength and Electrical Applications, CSIR  New Delhi 20 lacs (approx.) Dr. Suhrit Mula 2013.
  • Study & Dev. Of Multi-Layer and Frequency Selective Surfaces for Radar Wave Absorption DRDO 90 lacs Dr. D.Singh, Dr V. Agarwala 2013.
  • Novel approach for managing hazardous e- wasteAISRF,  DST, Indo-Australia 81 lacs Dr. V. Agarwala 2013.
  • Nanostructured grains stabilization of Al-alloys for ultra light weight applications prepared by mechanical alloying IIT Roorkee 10 lacs  Dr. Suhrit Mula 2013.
  • A feasibility study to process Steel Foam, Naval Research Board  24.91 lacs Dr. B.S.S. Daniel 2013.
  • Optimization of ultrasonic dual mixing for homogeneous distribution of inorganic nano particles in epoxy based adhesive affecting its thermal and mechanical properties, DST 25.41662 Lacs, Dr. P.K.Ghosh 2012.
  • Indian partner of HEIP-LINK project under the Erasmus Mundus Action 3 Programme of EC, “Promoting the international dimension of research in HEIs”, European Commission, Alicante University, Spain Dr. P.K.Ghosh 2012.
  • Studies on Electoless Ni-P-TiO2 Nanocomposite Coating for Wear and Corrosion Applications,  UCOST 11.40 Lacs Dr R.C.Agarwala, Dr. V. Agarwala (Co. P.I.2012.
  • Development of Ni-P based nanocomposites (with Al2O3/ZrO2) for wear and corrosion applications DST 21 Lacs Dr. R.C.Agarwala, Dr. V. Agarwala (Co. P.I.) 2012.
  • Novel approach for processing hazardous electronic waste Indo-Australia, DST 21.2 Lacs  Dr. R.C.Agarwala, Dr. V. Agarwala (Co. P.I.) 2012.
  • Development of Ni-P-ZnO nanocomposite coatings for antibacterial and anticorrosion applications USBD 6.1 Lacs  Dr.R.C.Agarwala, Dr. V. Agarwala (Co. P.I.) 2012.
  • Porous copper electrodeposits with large electrochemically active surface area as a substrate for electrocatalytic materials, DST New Delhi 40.57493 Lacs  Dr. Mukesh Bhardwaj 2012.
  • Mechanical and thermoelectrical properties of copper-based nanocomposites developed by mechanical milling, CSIR, New Delhi, 22.0 lacs, Dr. Suhrit Mula 2011.
  • Mechanical Behavior of Ultrafine grained Zr and Zr-Nb alloys Processed by Cryo-rolling (Experimental & Simulation Studies),  BRNS, Mumbai, 43 Lacs Dr. R.Jayaganthan (PI), Dr. I.V.Singh (MIED) Co-PI2011.
  • Ultra refined plain carbon dual phase steels developed using innovative thermomechanical processing, DST-BMWF Austria 7 Lacs Dr. GP Chaudhari (PI), Dr. V. Pancholi (Co-PI) 2011.
  • Development of erosion resistant duplex stainless steel for use in hydropower plants, DST New Delhi 26.5 Lacs Dr S.K.Nath (PI), Dr. G.P.Chaudhary (Co-PI) 2011.
  • Creep resistant ODS steels through powder forging, BRNS, Mumbai 76.22 Lacs Dr.Vikram Dhabade(PI), Dr. Ujjwal Prakash (Co-PI) 2011.
  • Physical simulation of hot deformation processes (forging and extrusion) in a thermo-mechanical simulator and correlation with evolution of microstructure, texture and micro-texture in Zr-Nb alloys, BRNS, Mumbai, 51.50 Lacs  Dr. Vivek Pancholi (PI), Dr. G.P.Chaudhari (Co-PI) 2010.
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