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Salient Features

The computing facility in the Physics Department consists of a Sun 280 R Server. This is a dual CPU machine with 2GB RAM and is an ideal machine for number crunching. Recently the upgradation of the existing E 450 Sun Server from 1 CPU to 4 CPUs and an increase in HDD and RAM has taken place. This has helped research workers to handle problems of current interest that require distributed computing and parallelism.

The faculty of Physics Department has been actively pursuing research in important areas like High-TC superconductivity, heavy fermions, transport in anisotropic fluids, magneto-optical properties of transition metal compounds, conducting polymers and device applications, smart electro ceramics and biomaterials, nano-physics, scattering of spin-polarized electrons with atoms and molecules, physics of super-deformed nuclei, Lightning, Auroral and airglow studies. The Department is presently running fourteen Research projects sponsored by various agencies like DST, ISRO, DAE, AICTE and CSIR. The Department runs M.Sc., M.Phil. (instru-mentation) and M.Tech. ( Solid State Electronic Materials) courses and Ph.D. program in advanced topics of major branches of Physics. The Department has developed new research Lab. of High-Tc Superconductors and is in the process of development of three research labs. in the field of (i) Smart materials and Molecular Electronics, (ii) Carbon Nanotubes, (iii) Photonics and Fiber Optics. The Department has 28 Research Scholars.



Research Collaborations

We encourage the faculty from the physics departments of neighbouring institutions to take advantage of the expertise and facilities available in our department. It is expected that ensuing joint efforts will lead to increased scientific actively and more effective utilization of the experimental/computational facilities and may also contribute in raising the general standard of teaching and research.

Interested faculty members having interests overlapping with ours are invited to get in touch with the Head of the Department


One of the most important function of the association is to provide a platform to the student to interact among themselves as well as with all the faculty members. This is achieved by organizing activities like seminar, Quiz competitions, Popular talk etc. In addition cultural programmes and departmental games etc. are also organized. Cultural Secretary and sports secretary are elected from M.Sc. (final) to manage cultural programmes and departmental games, respectively.

A monthly wall magazine named 'Coral' is put-up by the members of physics association throughout the year. The magazine articles in Hindi and English related to science, humour etc. The English and Hindi editions for the magazine are elected among the members of physics association.


Conferences held in Last 7 years

  • Meeting on Electron Correlation in atoms and Solids on April 5-6,1996.
  • National Workshop on Nuclear Structure and Dynamics On August 23-25 , 1999.
  • APF 2000.
  • National Symposium on Atomic Physics at the Frontiers(13-15 April ,2000).


Physics Association, Department of Physics

A Physics Association under the Department of Physics is provides a platform for the students of the Department to carry out academic and non-academic extra-curricular activities. All the faculty members, research scholars, M.Tech. and M.Sc. students are the members of the Association. The patron, Head of the Physics Department appoints a faculty member as the staff advisor of the association every academic year. The other office bearers of the association are President, Vice-President, General Secretary, and Joint Secretary elected from the category of Research Scholar, M. Tech., M.Sc. (final) and M.Sc. (Previous) Students, respectively. These office bearers are elected every year. The Association organizes sports competition, cultural functions and academic seminars in the Department.



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