History - Department of Polymer and Process Engineering,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Saharanpur Campus, formerly known as the School of Paper Technology was established by the Government of India in 1964, with an aid from the Royal Swedish Government. This School was managed by a Society created by U.P. Government until its merger with the then University of Roorkee in 1978. Saharanpur Campus is well planned and developing Campus acquiring 25 acres of land with the distance of around 50 kms from the Roorkee campus. The Saharanpur campus has three departments viz. Department of Paper Technology, Department of Polymer and Process engineering and Department of Applied Sciences and Engineering on March 1, 2012.

Since 1st March 2012, the new Department of Polymer and Process Engineering has been established, and since then Polymer and Process Engineering with MBA programs are functioning under this new Department of Polymer & Process Engineering.The Five Year Intg. M.Tech in Polymer Science & Technology will be phased out by 2016, and at present the Department is offering a 4 Year B. Tech (Polymer Science & Technology) Course, and also 5 Year B.Tech (Process Engg.) with MBA by combining knowledge of basic sciences of physics, chemistry, mathematics, chemical and materials engineering, medical sciences and management. The courses aim to cater to the needs of the vastly developing and hugely demanding Polymer and Process Industries across the globe. With a strong foundation in the basic sciences, chemistry, polymer science & engineering, chemical and bio-medical engineering, computer science, and several others, the Department offers PhD programs, and the faculty and students participate in a range of dynamic and collaborative research work in several areas, including Polymer Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Biomaterials, Tissue engineering, Drug Delivery, Polymeric Liquid Crystals, Advanced Polymer Blends, Composites & Materials, numerical methods, optimization and simulation, general and financial management etc. for enhancing the fundamental knowledge and its applications, and also for developing new polymer materials for advanced applications. The department has an atmosphere of IIT brand state of art teaching and research and has been instrumental in imparting paramount theoretical and practical knowledge which has been beneficial to students and research scholars alike. Current focus is also to popularise these unique courses in IIT systems by organizing guest lectures, seminars, industrial visits, consultation projects, internships, and Industry-Institute-R&D interactions. The alumni of this department have started making impact on the world stage and have owed their success to the educationally conducive environment of this campus and the endless support of its faculty.

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