PhD Awarded - Department of Polymer and Process Engineering,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
PhD Awarded

 Ph. Ds awarded since 2001

2010 Ramakrisna Malkapuram Development and Characterization of Natural Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene Composites. Dr.  Vivek Kumar
Dr. Y.S Negi
2010 Kumar Manoj Evaluation of quality Service Parameters and Performance of wireless Ad Hoc Networks Dr. S.C Sharma
Dr. S.P Singh
2010 Anamika Bhatia Modelling And Control Of Basisweight And Moisture Using Fuzzy Logic Control System Dr. M.C Bansal
Dr. S. Mukharjee
2010 Radha T. Nature inspired algorithms and their applications Dr. V.P Singh
Dr. Millie Pant
2010 Tungbidhy Maharana Synthesis and charetcterisationsof poly (lactic acid) and its nanoparticles Dr. Y.S Negi
Dr. Bikash Mohanti
2010 Sanjay Tyagi Response of coating and callaering on quality of papes made from indegenous raw materials Dr. A. KRay
Dr. A.G Kulkarni
2009 Neel Kanth   Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Paper Mill Calenders Dr. A.K. Ray
2009 Mohan Lal Studies on alkali-tolerant white rot fungi for biobleaching of kraft pulp of A. cadamba Dr. C.H Tyagi
Dr. J.S Upadhyaya
Dr. Dharam Dutt
2009 Swarnima Agnihotri  Studies on production of microbial enzymes and their use in biodelignification of bagasse Dr. C.H Tyagi
Dr. J.S Upadhyaya
Dr. Dharam Dutt
2009 Shalini Singh  Studies on production of xylanases from white rot fungi for biobleaching of wheat straw pulp Dr. C.H Tyagi
Dr. J.S Upadhyaya
Dr. Dharam Dutt
2008 Rajesh Kumar Application of Artificial Neural Network in Paper Industry Dr. A.K. Ray
Dr. S. Mukherjee
2008 Amit Dixit Wireless Multimedia Communication With Quality Of Service (QOS) Guarantee Dr. S.C Sharma
Shamimul Qamar
Capacity and Quality of Service for CDMA Communication Network With Diversity and Handoff
Dr. S.C Sharma
Dr. Mohan Lal
Divya Prakash
Studies on the generation of chlorophenolics formed during bleaching of chemical pulps
Dr. Satish Kumar
Dr. N.J Rao
Puneet Kr, Agnihotri
Deinking studies of ONP and its blends with other recycled papers
Dr. M.C Bansal
Dr. Chhaya Sharma
Rachna Malhotra
Persulphate Prebleaching of Chemical pulps and their Environmental Impact.
Dr. Satish Kumar
Dr. N.J.Rao
Alka Jain
Lignin as an Adsorbent for the removal of Dyes from Waste water.
Dr. Satish Kumar
Awanish Kumar
Corrosion Investigation in Pulping and Bleaching Media.
Dr. A.K.Singh
Sinni Jacob
Estimation of chloro phenol in effluent formed under different condition of bleaching
Dr. Satish Kumar
Seema Saini
Equilibrium Structure and Oscillations of Rotationally and Tidally Distorted Gas Spheres
Dr. V.P.Singh
Dr. Chandra Mohan
Mayank Garg
Evaluation of Recycling Potential of Paper Making
Dr. S.P.Singh
Shobhit Mathur
Studies on the Environmental Aspects of Enzymatic Pre-bleaching agro Residues pulp.
Dr. N.J.Rao
Dr. Satish Kumar
Gayaan Singh
Corrosion Investigation on Materials in Bleach Media of Paper Industry
Dr. A.K.Singh
Brijesh Kr. Gupta
Congestion Control in asynchronous Transfer Made Network
Dr. S.C.Sharma
Dr.Mohan Lal
Anjana Rani Gupta
Mathematical Modeling Analysis of Pulp Washing Problem for Optimum Operation
Dr. A.K.Ray
Mukesh Kumar
Mathematical Modeling of Pulp Washing Problems and Solutions
Dr. A.K.Ray
Dr. V.P.Singh
Rao Suhail Akhtar
Studies on Pulping and Bleaching of Poplar Deltoids.
Dr. J.S.Upadhyaya
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