Sanjay H Upadhyay - Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Sanjay H Upadhyay
S H Upadhyay Professor 01332-285520 Website
Areas of Interest
  • Non-Linear Vibration Analysis and Control, Bearing Dynamics, Fault Diagnostic and Prognostic, Inflatable and Gossamer Structure/Antenna, Smart Materials and Structures,
Professional Background
2020-08-10OngoingProfessorIIT Roorkee
2014-04-046 years 4 months 5 daysAssociate ProfessorIIT Roorkee
2010-11-243 years 4 months 10 daysAssistant ProfessorIIT Roorkee
2009-08-011 year 3 months 22 daysAssociate ProfessorSVIT-Gujarat
2003-09-015 years 10 months 30 daysAssistant ProfessorSVIT-Gujarat
1998-08-015 years 30 daysLecturerSVIT-Gujarat
Multiple Posts
2017-03-013 years 10 months 2 daysAssociate Dean of Students' Welfare (Bhawan &Mess)IIT Roorkee
2017-07-013 years 6 months 2 daysChairman, Coordinating Committee of Bhawans (CCB),IIT Roorkee
2017-06-013 years 7 months 2 daysMember, Hospital Advisory CommitteeIIT Roorkee
2018-01-013 years 2 daysMember- Security Advisory Committee (SAC)IIT Roorkee
2018-01-013 years 2 daysMember- Commercial Establishment Committee (CEC),IIT Roorkee
2018-01-013 years 2 daysMember- Institute Green Committee,IIT Roorkee
2017-03-243 daysCoordinator, COGNIZANCE-2017IIT Roorkee
2016-06-011 year 1 month Central Purchase Officer (CPO),CCBIIT Roorkee
2015-06-012 years 1 month Chief Warden (Govind Bhawan)IIT Roorkee
2017-07-011 year Coordinator, Time TableMIED-IIT R
2016-07-011 year Co-coordinator, Time TableMIED-IIT R
2014-07-011 year Superintendent, Examination Cell,MIED-IIT R
2013-07-011 year Dy. Superintendent, Examination CellMIED-IIT R
2012-07-013 years 30 daysMember, Planning, Information and Special Event CellMIED-IIT R
2012-07-012 years 30 daysMember, Departmental Research Committee (DRC)MIED-IIT R
2011-07-01OngoingO.C. Dynamic of Machine LaboratoryMIED-IIT R
2018-07-01OngoingO.C. Instrumentation LabMIED-IIT R
2016-07-01OngoingO.C. Smart Material and Structural Lab (Research Lab)MIED-IIT R
2016-07-01OngoingO.C. Intelligent Machinery Condition Monitoring Lab (Research Lab)MIED-IIT R
2009-08-011 year 30 daysVice President, Student Central CommitteeSVIT-Gujarat
2004-07-012 years 30 daysFaculty Advisor- ISTE staff chapterSVIT- Gujarat
2005-07-0111 months 29 daysSecretary-ISTE Student ChapterSVIT-Gujarat
Sponsored Research Projects
TopicFunding AgencyStart DatePeriod
Deployment Mechanisms for 12m Diameter Spacecraft AntennasISRO-Bangalore2020-09-14Ongoing
Design and Development of a proof-of-Concept Model of a Packaging Methodology for Gossamer Space Antenna StructuresSAC -ISRO (Govt. of India)2018-08Ongoing
Dynamic Analysis and Shape Control of Inflatable Structures for Space ApplicationsDST, INDO-SRI LANKAN Research Project2017-09Ongoing
Design & Development of a Proof-of-concept Model of an Adaptive MembraneSAC -ISRO (Govt. of India)2015-08-103 years 9 months 25 days
Residual Life Prediction and Vibration Analysis of a High-Speed Rotor Bearing SystemARDB- DRDO (Govt. of India)2014-063 years 2 months
Health Diagnosis of high-Speed Ball Bearing using Acoustics Emission TechniquesMHRD- IITR2011-033 years
Design of a suitable Tilting Pad Thrust bearing for a VRM GearboxPremium Transmission Ltd.2015-04-011 year 29 days
Design Vetting of EOT CraneRCC Infra Ventures Ltd2017-06-011 year 29 days
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