Debrupa Lahiri - Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Debrupa Lahiri
Debrupa Lahiri Associate professor Website
Areas of Interest
  • (1) Biomaterials:, Developing Material systems for Implants, Tissue Engineering and Degradable Scaffolds, (2) Multiscale Mechanics and Tribology:, (i) For Structural Materials, (ii) Nanomechanics of Biological and 1D/2D Nanomaterials , (3) Composite Material Systems with Nanofillers:, For structural and biomedical applications with specific functionalities
Professional Background
2018-01-01OngoingAssociate ProfessorIIT-Roorkee
2012-01-016 years Assistant ProfessorIIT Roorkee
2012-01-01Visiting Assistant ProfessorFlorida International University, USA
2011-01-011 year Post Doctoral ResearcherFlorida International University, USA
2003-01-014 years Scientific Officer - DNuclear Fuel Complex, DAE, Hyderabad, India
2001-01-012 years Visiting ScientistNuclear Fuel Complex, DAE, Hyderabad, India
1999-01-012 years Metallurgist, R&DIndian Aluminum Company (INDAL), Belur, India
Multiple Posts
2019-01-01OngoingTeam Member (2019-20) and Coordinator (2021) for SPARK - Summer Internship ProgramIIT Roorkee
2013-01-015 years Member-Secretary, DRCMMED, IITR
2014-01-016 years 9 months OC, Website - MMEDMMED, IITR
2013-01-015 years Member, Printing and Production Committee, SamvadIITR
2013-01-012 years Faculty Advisor, METES - Students SocietyMMED, IITR
2013-01-011 year Stuff Advisor – Sports Council IITR
Honors and Awards
Best paper award in IIM-ATM (Indian Institute of Metals - Annual Technical Meeting)-2015India Institute of Metals2015
Zwick Science Award – 2013Zwick Roell Group2014
“Student Spotlight” – for excellent academic achievements by University Graduate School, FIU FIU2012
World’s Ahead Graduate by President, Florida International UniversityFIU2020
Best Doctoral Graduate College of Engineering and Computing, FIUFIU2020
Second best oral presentation in TMS-2011, San Diego, USAThe Minerals, Metals and Materials Society - TMS, USA2011
First place in student poster competition, MS&T-2010, Houston, USAAmerican Ceramic Society2010
First place in student poster competition – MPMD, TMS-2009, San Francisco, USA The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society - TMS, USA2009
Best paper award in IIM-ATM (Indian Institute of Metals - Annual Technical Meeting)Indian Institute of Metals2001
Educational Details
PhDMaterials Science and EngineeringFlorida International University, Miami, USA2011
M. TechMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringIIT- Kanpur, India2000
B.EMetallurgyBengal Engineering College, Shibpur, India1998
Sponsored Research Projects
TopicFunding AgencyStart DatePeriod
Polymer Based Orthopedic ImplantFIG-IITR2013-053 years
Developing Polymer Based Surface Modified Composite for Drug Eluting Orthopedic ImplantsDST2014-073 years
Magnesium Based Functionally Gradient Material System for Orthopedic ApplicationDST - Health Science2015-013 years 11 months
Surface Modified Metallic Orthopedic Implant for Sustained Drug ReleaseDST-TSDP2016-013 years 11 months
Developing Hybrid Multiscale Carbon Filler Reinforced Epoxy Composite for Structural ApplicationBRNS, DAE2016-014 years 2 months
Developing Polymer Based Scaffold with Electrical and Topographical Cue for Neural Tissue Engg.ICMR2017-013 years
Development of functional scaffolds for soft tissue engineering using 3D bioprinterIIT Roorkee2018-05-01Ongoing
A multilayered regenerative scaffold engineered to heal deep wound by mimicking anatomical architecture of natural tissueLSRB, DRDO2020-01-31Ongoing
Bilayer functionalized scaffold for peripheral nerve and guided motor neuron regenerationDST-SERB2020-03-31Ongoing
3D Bio-Stereolithography for Engineering Functional TissuesDST-SERB-IRPHA2020-07-01Ongoing
  • Indian Institute of Metals - IIM, Life member
  • Materials Research Society of India - MRSI, Life Member
  • Society for Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine (India), Life Member
  • Society for Biomaterials and Artificial Organs India, Life Member
Teaching Engagements
TitleCourse CodeClass NameSemester
Materials ScienceMT 201BArch , P&P, PS, PEM and GeotechSpring
Nanomaterials and ApplicationsMT-411MMEDAutumn
Structural Analysis of NanomaterialsNT - 502Nanotechnology - PGSpring
Nanoscale MaterialsNT 501Nanotechnology, PGAutumn
Materials ScienceMT-106ME, INSpring
Communication SkillsMT 308MMEDSpring
Structure of MaterialsMTN 501Post GraduateAutumn
BiomaterialsMTN 542Elective to UG, PGSpring
Projects and Thesis Supervised
Title of ProjectNames of Students
Mg Based Implant for Orthopedic ApplicationPramanshu Trivedi
Carbon Nanotube Based Composites for Li-ion Battery ApplicationSameer Chouksey
Surface Modification of Magnesium Based Alloy for Orthopedic ApplicationSanjay Singh
Corrosion Behavior of Surface Modified Mg-Zn Alloy for Orthopedic ApplicationKishor Kumar Kuntal
Modification of Mechanical Behavior of Mg-Zn Alloy for Hard Tissue EngineeringSoumyaranjan Nayak
Mg-HA composite for Orhopedic Implant AccessoriesSatish Jaiswal
Al-GNP Composite for Structural ApplicationMukul Srivastava
Developing Materials System for Skin GraftingAkriti Sharma
Studying Residual Stress in Sintered Refractory Based CompositesBhagyadhar Das
Polymer Based Composite for Structural ApplicationKhamgaonkar Ketan Mohan
Hot Working of Magnesium AlloySubham Agarwal
Hot Worked Al-GNP Composite for Structural ApplicationJijo Christodus
Synthesized PHA for Orthopedic Fracture Fixing ApplicationDeepa Garg
Carbon Nanofiller Reinforced Epoxy Coating on Steel for Surface ProtectionJose Santo
Developing Scaffold for Burnt Wound HealingIsha Goel
PHDs Supervised
TopicScholar NameStatus of PHDRegistration Date
Synthesis and Application of Boron Nitride NanostructuresVijayesh KumarA2013-01
Drug Eluting Implants for Orthopedic ApplicationsManoj Kumar RA2013-01
Nanophase Reinforced Polymer Based Composite for Structural ApplicationAnkita BishtA2014-01
Magnesium Based Composite for Orthopedic ApplicationAnshu DubeyO2016-01
Mg Based Scaffold for Orthoepdic ApplicationSatish JaiswalO2016-07
Multiscale Carbon Filler Reinforced Epoxy Composites for Structural ApplicationVaibhav JainO2017-01
Scaffolds for Neural RegenerationSouvik GhoshO2018-01
Nanogenerator for Biomedical ApplicationSiddharth SharmaO2018-01
Drug Releasing Metallic ImplantsKanike RajeshO2018-01
Composite for Damping ApplicationNitamkumar GoutamO2019-01
Regenerative Template for Motor Neuronal RegenerationArabinda MajhiO2020-08
Temporary Orthopedic ImplantsNishit PaloO2020-08
Coating in Mg Based Orthopedic ImplantsKay Khaing SoeO2020-08
Participation in short term courses
Couse NameSponsored ByDate
Introduction to Modelling and SimulationQIP, IITR2013-07
Recent Advances in Biomaterials and NanobitechnologyQIP, IITR2014-01
Nanotechnology: Basics and Applications in Chemical EngineeringQIP, IITR2015-06
Spark Plasma SinteringQIP, IITR2016-02
Courses or Conferences Organised
Conference NameSponsored ByDate
Short term course on 'Hands-on Training for the Formulation of Smart Nanodevices'Centre for Nanotechnology, IITR and NextSapiens2013-12
Carbon Nanomaterials - Recent Advances and Functional ApplicationsQIP2019-05
Special Lectures Delivered
Nano-Scratch Based Technique: Novel Method for Quantifying Adhesion Strength at Sub-Micron ScaleIPA Lecture Series, Physics Dept., IITR2014-05
Carbon Nanotubes: How Strong is their Bond with SubstrateUniversidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain2014-04
Nano-Scratch Based Technique: Novel Method for Quantifying Adhesion Strength at Sub-Micron ScaleIIT Kanpur2014-01
Probing Into Bone-Implant Interface: Materials Engineering ApproachInvited Talk in ICMS: RTBTR?2014, IIT Roorkee, India2014-12
Nano-Scratch Based Technique: Novel Method for Quantifying Adhesion Strength at Sub-Micron ScaleInvited Talk in 12th Asian Forum for Materials Testing, Zwick-Roell, Gurgaon, India2015-01
Biomechanical Evaluation at Bone-Implant InterfaceKeynote Talk in ICEMEM, Dhule, Maharasthra, India2015-02
Nano-Scratch Based Technique: Novel Method for Quantifying Adhesion Strength at Sub-Micron ScaleInvited talk in Nanoyantrika-2015, Trivundrum, India2015-09
Aligned Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Polymeric Scaffolds With Electrical Cues for Neural Tissue EnginInvited talk in CPDM, IIEST, Shibpur, India2015-12
Hydroxyapatite Modified Mg Alloy for Orthopedic ApplicationInvited Talk at CSIR-CGCRI - Kolkata2015-12
Evaluation of Cell Adhesion Mechanism at Multiple Scale LengthsInvited Talk at INDOGFOE - 2016 as a member of DST Delegation, Potsdam, Germany2016-05
Drug Releasing Acetabular Cup Lining – A New Dimension in Total Hip ImplantInvited Talk in Tenth National Frontiers of Engineering Symposium - IIT Kanpur, India2016-06
Invited talk at Nanoyantrika - 2017 by Hysitron IndiaThiruvanathapuram, India2017-09
Invited talk at 19th International Symposium On Eco-materials Processing And DesignJaipur, India2018-02
Invited Talk at New Materials for Healthcare- Idea Generation WorkshopBengaluru, India2018-05
Invited Talk at BioMET-2018VIT, Vellore, India2018-07
Keynote Talk at Advancement in Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology - AECP-20K9MM University, Ambala, India2019-02
Invited Talk at Biomaterial Implant Consortium meetingKalam Institute of Health Technologies, Vishakhapatnam, India2018-11
Invited Talk at Fundamentals of and Clinical Perspectives on Implantable BiomaterialsIISc Bangalore2019-08
Invited Talk at BioTERM 2019 Innovation to TranslationIIT Kanpur2019-11
Invited Talk at Recent Trends in Biomedical EngineeringNIT Durgapur2020-01
Invited Talk at Opportunities in Bioceramic Materials in Orthopedic, Dental and Tissue Engineering Application(OBMODTEA 2020)NIT Rourkela2020-09
Invited Talk at International Conference On Biomedical Materials Innovations ICBMI-2020IIT Delhi2020-12
Other work


1.       ‘ORTHOPEDIC METALLIC IMPLANT FOR SUSTAINED DRUG RELEASE’:  Indian Patent Office  - application number ‘201711024735’.

2.       ‘A BIODEGRADABLE SKIN SCAFFOLD FOR HEALING DEEP WOUNDS’:  Indian Patent Office  - application number ‘201911007235’.

3.       ‘BIOENGINEERED REGENERATIVE SCAFFOLD FOR BURN WOUND HEALING’: Indian Patent Office  - application number ‘201911026834’.

4.       ‘BIOSENSOR FOR DETECTING CANCER USING EXHALED BREATH’. Indian Patent Office - application number ‘201911030871’.

5.        ‘IN-SITU CHARGING SYSTEM FOR IMPLANTABLE PACEMAKER’. Indian Patent Office - application number ‘202011038412’.


       Co-Founded Healagnostic Innovations Pvt. Ltd, Start-up incubated at TIDES@ IIT Roorkee in July, 2019 and served as director till March, 2021

Books Authored


1. “Carbon Nanotubes Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites”, A. Agarwal, S.R. Bakshi, D. Lahiri, Taylor and Francis Publishers, ISBN: 978-1-4398114-9-8.




1.       Graphene Reinforced Ceramic and Metal Matrix Composites”, D. Lahiri, A. Agarwal,  in “Graphene: Synthesis and Applications”, Editors: W. Choi and J. Lee, Taylor and Francis Publishers, ISBN:  9781439861875.

2.       Medical Applications of Hierarchical Composites”,  Manoj Kumar R, K. Agrawal, D. Lahiri, in “Hybrid and Hierarchical Composite Materials”, Editors: C.-S. Kim, C. Randow, T. Sano, Springer, ISBN: 978-3-319-12867-2.

3.       Processing and Nanomechanical Properties of Hydroxyapatite-Nanotube Biocomposite”, D. Lahiri, A. Agarwal, in “Biosurfaces: A Materials Science and Engineering Perspective”, Editors: Kantesh Balani, Vivek Verma, Arvind Agarwal, and Roger Narayan, Wiley & Sons, ISBN: 978-1-118-29997-5.

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5.       3D print technology for Cell Culturing”, S. Haldar, D. Lahiri, P. Roy, in “3D Printing Technology in Nanomedicine”, Editors: N. Ahmad, P. Gopinath, R. Dutta, Elsevier, ISBN: 9780128158906.

6.       Nutraceuticals in brain health”, S. Haldar, S. Ghosh, V. Kumar, S. Saini, D. Lahiri, P. Roy, in “Nutraceuticals in Brain Health and Beyond”, Editor: D. Ghosh, Academic Press, ISBN: 978-0-12-820593-8.

Refereed Journal Papers



Book - 1

Book Chapters – 6

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles – 108

Patent - 5

h-index –  36 (; 39 (google scholar)

Total Citations - 4641 (; 5855 (google scholar)

i10 Index – 73 (google scholar)

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